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Benefitting Others

Benefitting others in the community

Kadampa Buddhist practice focuses on the development of cherishing love and compassion, so we naturally wish to improve the society we live in and help those around us to lead lives that are peaceful and positive.  Everyone can have a profound effect on our society simply by holding these powerful positive minds, setting a good example of peace and love, and offering help and good advice to others.

"We may not be a well-known or powerful figure, but if we sincerely cherish everyone we meet we will make a profound contribution to our community."
- Venerable Geshe Kelsang, Eight Steps to Happiness

At Dharmapala Centre we try to give back to our local community, both through the meditation & Buddhism classes that we offer and by responding to requests for teachings or other forms of help from the people around us.

Community Centres and Groups

Teachers from Dharmapala Buddhist Centre are often invited to visit Community Centres and groups to give teachings on meditation and Buddhism.  If you would like someone to visit your group or if your group would like to visit the Centre contact the Education Programme Coordinator or call the centre. 

School Visits

Buddhist school visits

Teachers from Dharmapala KMC are available upon request to visit schools to talk with children and young people about the basics of meditation and Buddhist philosophy and practice. 

It is also possible for small groups to visit the Centre for a tour and a teaching and to try some meditation.  Please contact the Education Programme Coordinator or phone the Centre if you would like to arrange a visit to your school or to the Centre.


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