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We recognise that not everyone is able to get to teachings and meditations held at Dharmapala Centre and our branches so we offer an option to download teachings and listen at home. This option is intended for:

  • Those who cannot make classes due to distance, for example those in country WA.
  • Those who due to disability or illness are unable to attend classes.

There are two options available for audio downloads;

1. Pre-recorded courses -

Pre-recorded courses can be purchased and you will be provided with access to our audio downloads website from which you can download the teachings directly to your own computer.

There are two courses available currently :

Learn to Meditate

This consists of four classes which explain all the basics that you will need for establishing a regular meditation practice including motivation, the nuts and bolts of meditation, concentration and contemplation. The classes include teachings and guided meditations. Cost for the course is $50.

Introduction to Buddhism

This course consists of five classes which cover all the basics of Buddhism including understanding the mind, death, rebirth, karma, compassion and wisdom. The course consists of teachings and guided meditations. Cost of this course is $62.

2. Ongoing General Programme Classes -

You also have the option to sign up for a block of the regular classes being taught at the Centre in Fremantle. These classes are recorded live on Monday evenings. You are then provided with access via a password which is specific to one block of classes. You can then download the teaching directly to your computer in MP3 format. Recordings are generally available within hours of the teaching at the Centre. The cost of each session is $13 so the total you pay will depend upon the length of the course you sign up for.

For details of what is being taught please refer to the Fremantle page.

All courses offered for home listening are taught by Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Nampur.

If you are interested in accessing any of these downloadable teachings please contact the Education Programme Co-ordinator.

The Foundation Programme is also available as a study at home option for those who cannot attend the Centre. This is a structured study programme. For more details contact the Education Programme Co-ordinator.

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