Longer Retreats


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Longer preliminary practice retreats are held throughout the year and are designed to help us create the conditions that we need to have a peaceful mind and to progress along the path to pure happiness.  In each retreat we focus on a particular spiritual practice so that we gain deep experience of it.

If you would like to attend a retreat you can either come along for the sessions on a casual basis or come for the whole retreat.  If you would like to stay over for the retreat we have some accommodation available but please check with us first.

Unless otherwise specified session times are:

7 - 8.30am; 10 - 11.30am; 4 - 5.30pm; 7.30 - 9pm 

Due to Dharmapala Centre's building project retreats are temporarily suspended.  They will resume when our new venue is ready.  Please check back. 

The Path to Happiness - Lamrim Retreat

The Lamrim is a series of twenty-one meditations that lead us through all the stages of the path to permanent happiness. During retreat, we can complete one cycle of the meditations per week.  By engaging in this retreat we increase our familiarity with these essential meditations and can think clearly about how to apply them in our daily life.  

For more information about Lamrim retreat click here.

Purify Your Past - Vajrasattva Retreat 

Vajrasattva is the Buddha of purification. During this retreat we have the opportunity to purify our negative karma by engaging in the purification practices of Buddha Vajrasattva. Through this practice we can remove both the causes of our future suffering and obstacles to our spiritual practice.

Through purifying our negativity our mind will gradually become happier and happier, our good qualities will increase, and all our mental and physical problems will gradually disappear.

Inspiration and Good Fortune - Guru Yoga Mandala Offering Retreat

A special practice which combines Guru Yoga, a method for relying on our Spiritual Guide, and Mandala offerings, a method for accumulating merit and strengthening and deepening our connection with our Spiritual Guide.

Peace and Protection - Refuge Retreat

Going for refuge means finding protection from our problems by developing special Dharma understandings with the help of Buddha's blessings and encouragement from our Sangha friends.  On this retreat we have a perfect opportunity to deepen our experience of refuge. The practice of refuge is the gateway through which we enter the Buddhist path to liberation and enlightenment. 


Retreat Costs

  • Unguided retreat sessions: by donation;
  • Guided retreat sessions $5 each (no charge for FP/TTP students);
  • Guided retreat days (inc lunch and dinner) $30 per day;
  • Unguided retreat day, one meal and accommodation (dorm or similar) $25 per day;
  • Guided retreat day, three meals and accommodation (dorm or similar) $55 per day;
  • lunch or dinner $5 each.

 If you would like to read a more detailed explanation about retreats including some advice about how to get the most out of retreat you can download Retreats at Dharmapala Buddhist Centre.




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